The video begins with a single red rose that appears to be opening.  The single rose is a symbol of completion, achievement and perfection but its exact meaning are derived from the color of the rose and the number of its petals.  Unfortunately, this one particular rose, which happens to be red, (fire) is not blossoming but loosing its petals.  In other words, it is dying.  It symbolizes the lost of perfection and the lost life and the soul.  It is a sign of destruction.  It is a symbol of death.  Remember the song “Where have all the flowers gone?”

Look at the following photo shots from the actual music video and you will see they allude to the dying rose.

Dying rose shonw in the begining of the music video.

Dying rose shown in the begining of the music video.

Another representation of the dying rose and dueguard

Another representation of the dying rose and due-guard

Lead singer as dying rose pic #1

Lead singer as dying rose pic #1

Lead singer representing a dying rose pic#2

Lead singer representing a dying rose pic#2

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see? A Bat = The representation of the Devil!


Then, three letters “V” are shown. There is one on the lead singer’s clothes, the second “V” is displayed on the guitar and the third “V” is signaled by the lead singer by placing his index finger between his eyes which is also a sign that forms the shade of Devil.


The sign

The sign

Here is another V. When children were offered to Moloch, the Hierophants would dance to the sound of drum and scream in ecstasy.  The drums served to subdue the sound of children crying in agony.

Here is another V. When children were offered to Moloch, the Hierophants would dance to the sound of drum and scream in ecstasy. The drums served to subdue the sound of children crying in agony. Notice the bonfire on the background!



The third V V+V+V = 666 = 18 or the illuminated man = illuminati

The third "V" and now you have V+V+V = 666 = 18 or the illuminated man = illuminati

Headpiece+for+the+letter+V+1834+-+Landais,+NapoléonThe letter “V” is “VAU” the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet formulated in technical verses after the mode of the ancient lawgivers states: VAU = ” Doth His true doctrine to clean hearts accord”. Also, “V”+”V”+”V”=6+6+6=18. Eighteen letter (18) or sa·dhe states: “He makes the moon our watchman through the night”. “666” is better known as The Number of the Beast or Anti-Christ or the Perfect Being.

They also show plenty of clouds in the video. There are two principal aspects to cloud-symbolism: on the one hand they are related to the symbolism of mist, signifying the intermediate world between the formal and the non-formal; and on the other hand they are associated with the ‘Upper Waters’—the realm of the antique Neptune. The former aspect of the cloud is symbolic of forms as phenomena and appearance, always in a state of metamorphosis, which obscure the immutable quality of higher truth. Thclouds-jesus.bmpe second aspect of clouds reveals their connection with fertility-symbolism and their analogous relationship with all that is destined to bring fecundity. In ancient Christian symbolism interprets the cloud as synonymous with the prophet, since prophecies are an occult source of fertilization, celestial in origin. According to Bachelard the cloud should be taken as a symbolic messenger.

The most impressive thing about this video is the obvious Due guards and Signs performed by the members of this band.  At first I thought the band needed a new choreographer but then it clicked.   One of which is performed by the lead singer while the camera shuts over his head.  It alludes to the welcoming of the Dawn.

Sign or Dueguard as seen in the video from above.

Sign or Dueguard as seen in the video from above.


The postures performed in O.T.O. ritual to welcome “RA” the Sun God (The Morning Star) as he begins his journey through the sky sitting on his Ark.  It is also known as the Sign of Air.


The VIVA LA VIDA VIDEO is in my opinion a Ritual in itself. It is very LUCIFERIAN.  It relates to the fall and eventual raising of the enlightened, the light bearer, Prometheus, the sacrificed king, REX MUNDI or Lucifer.

Photos shown only shown to support my thesis not for profit.


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  1. Great site…love the commentary and images! I’ve been here all day!

    Comment by Suzy Molnar | September 12, 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you for your comments!

      Comment by Afaroth Derkes | December 17, 2010 | Reply

  2. Good work putting this all together!

    Comment by JD | March 11, 2011 | Reply

  3. Hi there.

    Well, I am not at all surprised, dissapointed yes, as for a moment there I thought here was a band spouting positivity / truth, instead of the vast majority of the famous bands I researched being aligned with the powers that be.

    My main question to you would be this, as you seem well versed in the higher levels of intellectual research and knowledge…..

    As a person who has spent the last 6 years looking at every aspect I can of spirituality, but with lingering ties to the Jesus / Christ figure, who has had visitations from “Angels” advising / asking me why I don’t want to be friends with the Christ Spirit, and that the Bible is accurate, what are your views / pointers you can assist me with to point me in right direction for clarity please ?

    I am fully aware of the myriad of the falseness / evilness of the existence we currently reside in, the matrix we inhabit, the Illuminati and all of it’s control / destructive methods.

    I am looking for the truth, so my soul can align itself with the correct path / methods to attain escape from this paradigm we reside in.

    I would explain the many routes I have taken, and the many experiences I have had, but I feel this would take far too long, suffice to say I am a weary spiritual traveler looking for some respite in this realm of darkness.

    Any help you could provide would be of great assistance.

    Thanks for the expose on Coldplay.

    Comment by Stu | June 19, 2011 | Reply

    • Jesus of Nazareth The Christ is the only way. You can not take his teachings literally or as commonly interpreted by the so called great religions of the world. This is the world of the Fall. It is ruled by Lucifer, the statue of which is in New York. There is nothing you can do to change the world as we know it today, but you need to change yourself and yourself only. The only place were Lucifer can not enter is within you unless you invite him in. How do you invite him in? Well, through the capital sins. How do you kick him out? Well, through the practice of the cardinal virtues. Every human being is a Knight in the fight agains Lucifer! When you come to this level, or as we call it The Fall, Lucifer attacks immediately. He attacks the fetus in an attempt to criple him phisically and mentally. He then attacks the human being thoughout his existance in an attempt to defeat every Knight that the Idea sends to counter-attack Lucicer. Lucifer is a deceiver! He makes humanity believe he is one and the same with Jusus, Moses, Prometheus! he makes other believe he is one and the same with the Idea. He gives men a distorted conception of reality and is in constant opposition to everything that is good, beautiful and true. The battle against Lucifer takes place inside of you! Every day some humans defeat Lucifer and become virtueous while others are defeated by him making him stronger. Those who are defeated by Lucifer are the links in the chain of oppression. One day, every human being would have defeated Lucifer in their hearts and the world will become the Eden we lost. Do not try to face Lucifer and his agents because in that realm he is all powerful but in you heart you are more powerful than him.

      Comment by Afaroth Derkes | June 21, 2011 | Reply

  4. I’m always singing this song, never really understanding it, until lastnight I went through alot of difficulties and turned on the t.v and I watched an inconvient truth, It open my eyes revealing that this world is not truthful, then I watched coldplays’ vida la vida video on demand, That’s when I notived the words and decipher it, I thought it was positive but I now see that its negative, How can we run away from the lies in this world, when the majority of the people in this world are liars. I’m a christian and I think I really need to buckle down and see things differenlt, because I’m slowly being brainwashed unknowingly.

    Comment by tina | August 4, 2011 | Reply

  5. Hi Lucysfur,
    Thanks for the info, so …. Lady Gaga….Coldplay…..Rihanna…….Beyon… and many more are in on it all……….but why? what’s so attractive……do they have a choice? ….is it all for money and fame?

    Comment by Craig Holland | December 12, 2011 | Reply

  6. Thanks to a quote you posted here on your site that was regarding the adepts that was the missing piece to a puzzle that took much time & research to put together and figure out the real purpose to an occult group I was apart of. But I had been tricked into joining when the creator of the group told me the “mission of the group” was to “save the world” and was a mission I was already on. He had disguised the group as a network or group of those looking to become “spiritually enlightened”. But that was when I also thought spiritual enlightenment was something that was positive (lol). After my endless search to find something that would reveal the truth, this site was where I found it. Again & again, thank you!.

    Comment by JC | August 18, 2012 | Reply

    • The truth is its own guardian. The road to enlightenment is road you must follow on your own. You will be given your own clues which are only for you Those clues might help others but they are essentially yours. On our way back to the Source has a separate path as intimate as the world inside of you!

      Comment by Afaroth Derkes | April 9, 2016 | Reply

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