The Matrix – Occult Symbolism

The Movie “The Matrix” is well known for its unorthodox interpretation of reality.  This movie triggers intense debates about quantum and relativity theories.  But there is more about this movie.  It is also rich in esoteric science, occultism if you rather.  There is plenty of occult symbolism in “The Matrix” but once again it is there for those in the know only.  I will proceed to reveal them to you!  I will do it little by little.

Neo is informed by Morpheus He is the One.  Noe is The One meaning that man and God are one and the same. Man is created in the image of God be cause man is a projection of God’s image in the world of the Fall or Matrix.  Therefore if Neo’s level of conscience is elevated (as it is being done by Morpheus) he will finally realize that he can do the same things God can do in the Matrix.  Little by little Neo is able to see the code and manage the matrix at will just like the “Architect.”  Neo has been submerged in the waters of ignorance by the Matrix (World of the Fall. This meeting happens during a storm.  The storm symbolizes the creative storm or creative intercourse between the Elements. Among the Nordic peoples it appears in connection with Thor, in Assyrio-Babylonian mythology with Bel, in the Germanic with Donar, in the Greek with Zeus, among the Slavs with Peroun, and so on.  The storm, like everything else that occurs in heaven or descends there from, has a sacred quality about it.

Once Neo is informed he is “The One” (The Christ or God’s image in the World of the Fall), at that precise moment you see a lightning and hear a loud thunder in the background.  Lightning is the celestial fire as an active force, terrible and dynamic.  In ancient rites when the initiate receives enlightenment a loud noise is made in the background symbolizing the attainment of a higher state of conscience.  The Lightning of Parabrahman, the fire-ether of the Greeks, is a symbol of the supreme, creative power. Jupiter possesses this attribute by way of emphasizing his demiurgic nature. At the same time, the flash of Lightning is related to dawn and illumination.

Because of these parallels, lightning is connected with the first sign of the Zodiac, symbolic of the spring-principle and of the initial stage of every cycle. The Lightning is held to be an emblem of sovereignty. The winged Lightning expresses the ideas of power and speed. In the Matrix, Neo acquires increasing power and speed.

Jupiter’s three Lightnings symbolize chance, destiny and providence—the forces that shape the future.  In the majority of religions we find that the godhead is hidden from man’s gaze, and then suddenly the lightning-flash reveals him momentarily in all his active might.  This image of the Logos piercing the darkness is universal. The vajra, the Tibetan symbol for both ‘Lightning’ and ‘diamond’, is also connected with the world-axis; but, if the cross or crucifix, the steps and the sacrificial stake, are all symbols of man’s longing for the higher world, the Lightning expresses the inverse: the action of the higher upon the lower, It is also related to the glance from the third eye of Shiva (or Siva), the destroyer of all material forms.

In actuality, Morpheus is “Lucifer” and he is in the process of enlightening or awakening “The One” or “Chosen One”; the Christ or Adam.  Truth is, it was Lucifer whom Jesus of Nazareth “The Christ” went to meet in the desert and accompanied him for forty (40) days.  Trinity escorted Neo to meet Morpheus for the first time during the storm.  He followed her climbing up a flight of winding consisting of eleven steps to reach each level.  The floor is covered with white and black tiles.  Well here is the occult explanation for that scene.  Trinity is Eve (the female element) conducting Adam (the male element) or Neo to meet Lucifer (the enlightener) or Morpheus.  Neo represent the candidate or a man starting forth on the journey of life, with the great task before him of self-improvement.

For the faithful performance of this task, a reward is promised, which reward consists in the development of all his intellectual faculties, the moral and spiritual elevation of his character, and the acquisition of Truth and knowledge.  Now, the attainment of this moral and intellectual condition supposes an elevation of character, an ascent from a lower to a higher life, and a passage of toil and difficulty, through rudimentary instruction, to the full fruition of wisdom.  This is therefore beautifully symbolized by the Winding Stairs, at whose foot the aspirant stands ready to climb the toilsome steep while at its top is placed “that hieroglyphic bright which none but chosen one ever saw,” as the emblem of Divine Truth.

Each segment of the stair contains eleven (11) tiers.  In the Prestonian lectures, eleven was a mystical number.  The eleven (11) was referred to the eleven apostles after the defection of Judas, and to the eleven sons of Jacob after Joseph went into Egypt. But when the lectures were revived by Henning, the eleven was struck out.

The number eleven as it exceeds the number ten, which is the number of the commandments, so it falls short of the number twelve, which is of grace and perfection; therefore it is called the number of sins, and the penitent.  Hence in the tabernacle there were commanded to be made eleven Coats of hair which is the habit of those that are penitent, and lament for their sins, whence this number hath no Communion with Divine or Celestial things, nor any attraction, or scale tending to things above: neither hath it any reward; but yet sometimes it receives a gratuitous favor from God, as he which was called the eleventh hour to the vineyard of the Lord, received the sane reward as those who had born the burden, and heat of the day.  Trinity guides Neo through sin to be enlighten by Morpheus as in Eve tempted Adam to sin as she was tempted by Lucifer at Eden or “The Matrix”.  The floor covered with alternate squares of black and white to represent the Mosaic pavement which was the ground floor of King Solomon’s Temple.  The black and white mosaic floor actually the path of good and evil “The One” most follow in order for him to become enlighten.

Neo is warned by Trinity before meeting Morpheus that he must be Honest because, according to her, Morpheus knows more that he can imaging.  He now passes through double doors and beholds Morpheus.  Doors are a feminine symbol which, notwithstanding, contains all the implications of the symbolic hole, since it is the door which gives access to the hole; its significance is therefore the antithesis of the wall.  There is the same relationship between the temple-door and the altar as between the circumference and the centre: even though in each case the two component elements are the farthest apart, they are nonetheless, in a way, the closest since the one determines and reflects the other. This is well illustrated in the architectural ornamentation of cathedrals, where the façade is nearly always treated as if it were an altar-piece.

And so it goes: Morpheus is standing in front of a window and, once again, one immediately sees Lightning and hears a loud thunder as in the Lightning (Fire) struck on Earth which is one of the four elements.  Fire and Earth, as in spirit and flesh respectively or Man=Adam=Christ=Neo.  The Lightning is also Prometheus stealing Fire from the Gods and bringing it to Earth.  We have already explained what the Lightning and thunder represents.  In this particular scene alludes to the following biblical verse:

Lu 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan (Lucifer) as lightning fall from heaven.

Lu 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

For the esoteric schools Lucifer, Jesus, Prometheus are one and the same; The Light of the world who awakens Man.

The Window in front of which Morpheus is standing,  since it consists of an aperture, it expresses the ideas of penetration, of possibility and of distance, and because it is square in shape, its implications are rational and terrestrial.  It is also symbolic of consciousness, especially when it is located at the top of a tower, by analogy with the head of the human figure. Divided windows carry a secondary significance, which may at times even be the predominant sense, deriving from the number of openings or lights.  Windows may denote divine illumination from above, cautioning a saint lest they be darkened with the smoke of anger, the mist of grief, the dust of vain-glory, or the filthy mire of worldly cares.  Morpheus an Neo then sat one in front of the other on two sofas with Lion’s heads engraved on the armrests

The Lion corresponds principally to gold or the ‘subterranean sun’, and to the sun itself, and hence it is found as a symbol of sun-gods such as Mithras. In Egypt, it used to be believed that The Lion presided over the annual floods of the Nile, because they coincided with the entry of the sun into the zodiacal sign of Leo during the dog-days. The Lion-skin is a solar attribute. The equation of the sun and The Lion, borne out by primitive and astrobiological cultures, persisted Heraldic Lion into the Middle Ages and found its way into Christian symbolism, although, the significance of The Lion is enriched by a variety of secondary symbolisms. In alchemy, it corresponds to the ‘fixed’ element—to sulphur. When counter-balanced by three other animals, it represents earth (although elsewhere it has been said that it stands for the ‘philosophical fire’), While gold is given the name of ‘Lion of metals’; the red-coloured Lion (notice the red sofa on which the Lions are engraved) is more strictly applicable to the latter; the philosophical fire or The Light of the World=Lucifer.

But, apart from these considerations, which lie more in the province of the theory of correspondences than in symbology proper, The Lion, the ‘king of beasts’, symbolizes the earthly opponent=Adversary (Satan) of the eagle (spirit of God) in the sky and the ‘natural lord and master’—or the possessor of strength and of the masculine principle.

As Frobenius notes, the motif of the Solar Lion which tears out the throat of the lunar bull is repeated interminably in Asiatic and African ornamentation. According to Schneider,   The Lion pertains to the Element of earth and the Winged Lion to the Element of fire. Both are symbolic of continual struggle, solar light, morning, regal dignity and victory.  As a symbol of the Evangelists, The Lion came to be associated with St. Mark in particular. Naturally, other meanings may be derived from the location or the context in which the lion appears.

The Young Lion corresponds to the rising sun, the old or Infirm Lion to the setting sun. The Lion Victorious represents the exaltation of virility;    The Lion tamed carries, on the symbolic plane, the obvious significance which it has in real life. For Carl Jung, The Lion, in its wild state, is broadly speaking an index of latent passions; it may also take the form of a sign indicating the danger of being devoured by the unconscious. But this latter sense goes beyond      Lion-symbolism as such, being related to the general symbolism of devouring (which in turn is related to the symbolism of time).

The Wild Lioness is a symbol of the Magna Mater which is also associated with Athena.  In Chrétien de Troyes’ mediaeval romance, Yvain, the hero is assisted by a Lion. The victory of The Lion over the bull usually signifies the victory of Day over Night and, by analogy, Light triumphing over Darkness and Good over Evil. Some animals, in particular the eagle and The Lion, seem to embody certain qualities, such as beauty and the fighting spirit, to such an extent that they have come to be universally accepted as the allegorical representations of these qualities.  Carl Jung suggested The Lion and the unicorn in Britain’s coat of arms stands for the inner stress of balanced opposites finding their equilibrium in the centre.

The Greek name for Apollo is, of course, Apollon, which means ‘from the depths of The Lion’ and expresses the meaningful relationship of the Sun with the fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo. As a hostile force the boar ranks higher than the dragon or primordial monster, but below The Lion.While gold is given the name of ‘Lion of Metals’; The Red-Colored Lion is more strictly applicable to the latter. The Lion or The Sun in the case of “The Matrix” is also emblematical of the destructive and all-consuming time.

To be continued.

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  1. I deesagreed with many of the interpretations of the matrix movie.We have to remember that movie is make by holliwood masonic directors.Most of then are Satan worshipers and what they should us in the movies like a true is the contrary.They try to brainwash our brains to think the wrong is right.Masonics doing that for thounsand of years.The true reality of matrix is that Satan(morpheus)choose Neo(the Antichrist)to make the big fight of the armagedom.They use black dress all the time,that represent the dark forces.Morpheus use trinity to convince Neo like eva doit with adam.Womans represent the negatives forces of the universe.That i way the evil foces is represente by the Oraculos,a black woman.Tho good forces or God is represente by The Architec.Mr. smithe and his guys represent the guardians of the God law that control the Matrix(the Universe)working properly.Morpheus is Satan who create the rebelion agains God,and he occult him self in the darkess part of the matrix,in Zion.Zion is inhabitate by revel spirits(Jews,Masons,Secret Societies and Magic practicioners)and like a Neo they are in this world(earth)contoling all positions of power and money,making the planet earth an slave human race planet,socking up the blood of our spirits.The machines that fought agains Zion city(Israel control NWO)are the spirits that came with the Christ to fight the Armagedom and liberate the planet earth from this parasitic evil spirits,before they destroy totaly the planet.Evil is not creator and like any parasite they comsume the body(earth)until they totaly destroyed then,and move out to next victim.

    Comment by jaime vazquez | November 24, 2010 | Reply

    • Very interesting!

      Comment by Afaroth Derkes | December 17, 2010 | Reply


      Comment by Steven Park | February 2, 2017 | Reply

  2. I found this description of the MAtrix very interesting.. It was written at the end that it would be continued. I cannot find the continuation link. Did you ever write more on this?
    If so.. please forward it to my email. Thankyou.

    Comment by James | April 30, 2011 | Reply

    • On Friday 6, 2011 I will be posting more info on this subject.

      Comment by Afaroth Derkes | May 1, 2011 | Reply

  3. Very interesting symbolic meanings beneath the surface. The Matrix is full of twisted occultic symbols and is all about the conflict between “Divine Order” and those who REFUSE to conform to Divine boundaries and Moral Law. – WITH GOD {YHVH} THERE IS TRUE LIBERTY AND BLESSING *within the boundaries of His Moral Law” for the benefit of all. … “the Matrix” in the movie is portrayed as a horrible & oppressive thing that needs to be destroyed. – the role of “the heroes” are transposed with those of lucifer and the freemasons and luciferian- NWO agenda. satan is the *true* control-freak and deceiver, … and he seeks to enslave mankind to sin, rebellion, and “independence from The Creator-GOD and Lawgiver.” … but MORAL LAW very much has to do with the consequences of “cause & effect.” … satanists always seek to “stand everything on its head” and “overthrow the Divine Order of The Creator.”

    Comment by Len Hummel | July 4, 2012 | Reply

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