There is a symbol that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals yet another truth that conceals the Truth. In that sense it may resemble a road. It is the symbol of all that which is and all that which is not. We can say that it is two sides of the same coin. The symbol is known to all men since time immemorial. On the other hand, it is only known to most men at face value. In that case, it is just a thing, but for those in the know it is everything. The symbol is ever present and forever true. It occurs simultaneously in all nature namely: above, below, within and without. It is depicted by lines that intersect each other vertically and horizontally. The lines emanate from a dimensionless point (anywhere and everywhere in space and time) thus becoming an infinite number of lines. Then the lines become an infinite number of superficies. That infinite number of superficies becomes and infinite number of volumes. And that is how the symbol becomes perceivable to men in seventy-two different manifestations of the same. Unfortunately, no man knows the name of the symbol; therefore, it has been known by many names throughout the ages. The Babylonians professed that one could not know the name of the symbol until omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence was attained.

There are many interesting fact and myths about each concealing truth. First and foremost, they are all hidden in plain sight. According to the Essenes, each truth is a sevenfold current of power streaming incessantly and infinitely streaming from the point carrying divine will which then turns into action. They are inviolable, indispensable and infallible. In the face of inadequacies a truth is strict and severe. It was known to the Sumerians that a truth was composed of freedom, order, love, knowledge, harmony, wisdoms and compassion. To the Atlanteans, they were all made of love and weight less than a feather. There is no specific order for the truths thus giving the wrong perception of chaos but it is just intricate organization. The symbol has length, breathe and thickness to perfectly conceal each truth but each truth is extemporal. During a certain cosmic event, which only a few have survived; a truth may or may not assume a fleetingly one-sided appearance in the form of a disk. While the symbol is easily perceivable by the senses, each truth can only be perceived by its effects. Therefore, all truths must be known by action and not by the mere knowledge of it.

The truths can be expressed through numbers, colors, letters or music but music gives the most accurate expression. When expressed with numbers, one must understand that a truth is equal to any number other than zero and the sum of all the truths equals one. Also, the sum of an infinite amount of numbers equals one. Therefore, seven is actually one divided by seven. Furthermore, it is good to keep in mind that the largest numbers are the smallest in terms of value and vise versa. Therefore; one is the number with the most value. A truth is also affirmed through its negation. Each truth can be any truth or no truth at all but each truth wants to persevere in its essence. That is why many men have spent an entire life stranded in uncertainty about the meaning of the symbol or suffocating in the waters of anticipation. In some cases, a truth has been known to be a different manifestation of another truth or truths. That could be the result of the point being everywhere at all times and the infinite lines equally intersecting at any point at the same time. It is advisable that a man should not discuss the truth discovered by him with another man. That is so because it may lead one another to never ever finding another truth and never reach the Truth. Or, in the worst possible scenario, find the Truth and not being able to understand it. The first three truths are revealed through suffering; the other four, through joy. Once a truth is revealed through another truth there is no turning back to oblivion. Each truth is as if a door had ever closed fast behind you to never open again. For the Etruscans, a truth was a key; not a door.

Some scholars say that when the truth that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals yet another truth is revealed to a man, he will see the lines extending infinitely in both directions of the symbol. Equally, he will only see a sphere. And then, he becomes the symbol.


April 15, 2014 - Posted by | Occult

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